The company A. TRIANTAFILLIDIS ELECTRICITY APPLICATIONS SA was established in 1978 by the then Junior Electrical Engineer Alexandros Triantafillidis. The company initially undertook small projects, laying out the groundwork for its later well-established journey.  From the company’s beginnings, it made the most of Alexandros’s six-year experience in a large French electricity company.  Over the years, from the early 1980s, the company evolved into taking on larger construction sites and broadening its clientele. It was during this time that it undertook sites such as the LIDA MARIA residential complex in Thermi, Thessaloniki.

An important milestone in the company’s development was the collaboration from 1990 with large technical companies in Greece, such as G.E.K, GNOMONAS, DIEKAT and others.  During this period, the foundations for a quality upgrading of the company were laid. The company then took on important projects. These projects included: The German School, the PLATEIA shopping mall in Tsimiski Street, The Natural Gas Compression Station in Nea Mesimvria, the Interbalkan Medical Centre, to name but few.

Alexandros’s participation in these sites involved him taking on new duties and responsibilities. The Company’s Technical Office is formed and with it the Technical personnel is bolstered and the equipment used is enriched.  At this stage, the company’s second generation gets involved, sharing the vision and philosophy of the founder. The company becomes in 2002 a General Partnership, bearing the distinctive title of A. TRIANTAFILLIDIS and CO GP.

In the decade from 2000, the company continues to carry out important projects in the city and  throughout Greece, covering a large spectrum of installations. We may mention, by way of example, large shopping malls, hospitals and clinics, hotels, tunnels, etc. By 2007 the company had grown to take the legal form of an SA with founder Alexandros Triantafillidis and his four children becoming shareholders. Thus the company is now A. TRIANTAFILLIDIS ELECTRICITY APPLICATIONS SA, having inherited the construction know-how of decades.

Throughout the decade beginning in 2010, it manages to overcome the adverse conditions created by the crisis in the building sector and generally in the Greek economy.  It retains its place in the domestic market while branching out abroad. Today it is one of the largest electrical installation companies in Greece. Its clientele and the projects it undertakes reflect its solid structure as regards its scientific and technical personnel as well as its comprehensive array of technical means and equipment.